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Update regarding Departmental Safety Officer role – interim and permanent

A new Department Safety Officer has been appointed and they are due to start on 2nd July 2018.

In the interim, Rachel Williams, Head of Building and Estate Services, will act as the nominated Departmental Safety Officer, supported by Laura Turner, the Health & Safety Coordinator.

The Safety Office will continue to operate and support the Department as follows:

  • monitoring the implementation of safety policy locally;
  • advising on the effectiveness of the local arrangements and the adequacy of the control measures;
  • reporting on safety;
  • supporting Local Safety Coordinators and / or Senior Technicians in identifying hazards and controlling risk through the preparation of risk assessments;
  • identifying health and safety training needs and arranging Health & Safety Inductions for new students and members of staff; and
  • other activities associated with the day-to-day operations of the Safety Office.

Matt Greenhalgh, Facilities Manager, will be acting Departmental Fire Officer. His responsibilities include:

  • monitoring and recording implementation of University Fire Safety policy locally; and
  • advising the Head of Department on the effectiveness of the local fire safety provisions and the adequacy of control measures.


Safety Office Contact Details


Ext 61455

The office is open from 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday.



Inglis Building

Main Site

Trumpington Street

Cambridge CB2 1PZ