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Department of Engineering Health & Safety

  Inglis Building    
  Steven Wickens Safety Office (INO-18) 61455
  Kevin Bullman Dyson Centre 32688
  Daniel Phillips Dyson Centre 32688
  Dai Morgan Sustainable Development    66685
  Fiona Smail ISO-08 61352
  Peter Knott (Term time only) INO-31 32627
  Oliver Robinson Machine Shop 32853
  David Paterson EIETL 32674
  James Macleod ISG-84 (Bio Teaching Lab) 64097
  Molly Haugen ISO-41  
  Kynan Wright Machine Shop 32694
  Baker and James Dyson Buildings    
  Diane Hazell           BC3-03 48203
  Helen Gray Finance Office 48237
  Denise Pride Purchasing Office 48202
  Stefan Savage BCG-02 Mechanics Lab 32734
  Harry Druiff BSB-24 Research Lab 32479
  Graham Smith BCG-03 Fatigue Lab 32607
  Sara Seddon Reception 32600
  Vicky Houghton DPO Office 32791
  Terry Stocks Mechanics Lab 32734
  Whittle Lab    
  Dominic Basham Workshop 37580
  Sara Horsfield WEG-04 68429
  Oliver Wadsworth Workshop 37580
  Electrical Engineering & Nanoscience    
  Sarah Stone   48300
  Kasia Surowiecka   48374
  Alan Curtis   62389
  Lee Robinson   62395
  Sean Whelan   48388
  Joseph Smith    
  Schofield Centre    
  Kristian Pether   37109
  Ahmed Alagha   68050
  Douglas Morley   68045
  Diarmid Xu    68046
  IFM (Alan Reece Building)    
  Nicky Athanassopoulu Engage Open Plan Area 60376
  Kate Willsher Engage Open Plan Area 68211
  Rebecca Evans Admin Area West Pink 64306
  Liz George Admin Area West Pink 38187
  Niamh Fox Nano Lab 37086
  Jien Hwee Tan Nano Lab 60761
  Chris Jennings Workshop Area 60522
  Simon Sennitt Workshop Area 32591
  Alan Thorne DIAL Area West Green AR1.054 38193
  Louise Wood Engage Open Plan Area 48260
  Civil Engineering    
  Pieter Desnerck 2nd Floor - Office 2-60 32608
  Nicky de Battista 2nd Floor - Desk 270 46965
  Rob Foster 2nd Floor - Office 2-27 32673
  Alexandra Clark First Floor Admin Office 66955
  Sue Stocks First Floor Admin Office 32653
  Peter Knott (Out of term only) Structures Lab  
  Bourn Airfield    
  Terry Stocks Bourn Airfield  

Safety Office Contact Details



Inglis Building

Trumpington Street

Cambridge CB2 1PZ


Gary Steele

Department Safety Officer

Tel: 01223 (3)32740


Steve Wickens

Department Safety Coordinator

Tel: 01223 (7)61455


Gary Steele

Departmental Fire Safety Manager

Tel: 01223 (3)32740