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Department of Engineering Health & Safety


The Terms of Reference for the Health and Safety Committee can be found here.

The minutes and papers of past Health and Safety Committee Meetings can be found here.

Prof Tim Wilkinson Chair/Laser Safety Officer                      tdw@eng
Mr Gary Steele Departmental Safety Officer gs626
Mrs Rachel Williams Head of Building and Estate Services  rew56
Mr Steve Wickens Departmental Safety Coordinator sjw266
Dr Stuart Scott Div A sas37
Dr David Hasko Div B dgh4
Dr Graham McShane Div C gjm31
Dr Stuart Haigh Div D skh20
Dr Sebastian Pattinson Div E swp29
Prof Malcolm Smith Div F mcs@eng
Dr Geoff Parks Radiation Safety Officer    gtp@eng
Dr Shery Huang Biological Safety Officer yysh2
Mr Tony Dennis Laboratory Technician ad466
Mr Steve Papworth Workshop Technician swp20
Mr Rich Roebuck Dyson Design Centre rlr20
Mr Richard Boothroyd Central Technical Services rpb36
Mr John Saunders Whittle Lab js230
Mr Matthew Greenhalgh  Facilities Manager/Fire Safety Manager mpg47
Mr John Chandler Schofield Lab jac44
Miss Diane Hazell IT dsu21
Prof Seb Savory Teaching Office sjs1001
Miss Megan Flood Administrative Staff mjf84
Ms River Cronin Administrative Staff rcc40
TBC Graduate Student Rep  
TBC Graduate Student Rep  

In attendance

Dr Margaret Glendenning        University Safety Office                  meg27
Mr Graham Jack BOC In-house Manager

Safety Office Contact Details



Inglis Building

Main Site

Trumpington Street

Cambridge CB2 1PZ


Gary Steele

Department Safety Officer

Tel: 01223 (3)32740


Steve Wickens

Department Safety Coordinator

Tel: 01223 (7)61455


Matt Greenhalgh

Department Fire Officer

Tel: 01223 (3)32765