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Department of Engineering Health & Safety


Work equipment is any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work (whether exclusively or not). This includes equipment which employees provide for their own use at work.

Maintenance of Work Equipment/Machinery

The frequency and nature of maintenance should be determined through risk assessment, taking full account of:

  • the manufacturer's recommendations
  • the intensity of use
  • operating environment (e.g. the effect of temperature, corrosion, weathering)
  • user knowledge and experience

Always follow manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Maintenance logs can provide useful information for the future planning of maintenance, as well as informing maintenance personnel of previous action taken.

Old non-CE marked machinery (pre 1995) should, where reasonably practicable, meet the requirements of PD 5304:2005 Guidance on the safe use of machinery (available for purchase from the British Standards Institution Website) which contains the text of the last British Standard on the safety of machinery which would have applied to such pre 1995 machinery.

Further information can be found on the Work Equipment and Machinery page of  the main University's website.

Safety Office Contact Details



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