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Department of Engineering Health & Safety


Travel Insurance

University Business Travel Insurance cover is not automatic; travellers must apply on a trip by trip basis on the TravelCert platform.

All travellers must read and familiarise yourself with the Travel Insurance summary document, insurance cover must be applied for prior to travel.

Note: A traveller may be a member of staff, students, temps, retired staff, Emeritus professors, visitors and volunteers can be covered, subject to: The trip being on University business.

Please note Personal Travel Insurance policies should not be used instead of our Travel Insurance Policy as the limits of indemnity will not be sufficient and the University's business activities will not be covered.

Cover is subject to authorisation and risk assessment as per departmental procedure. The University and the traveller must take all reasonable steps to avoid or minimise any injury loss damage or expense and make every reasonable effort to recover any lost or stolen property. You must therefore make best endeavours to look after your own safety and wellbeing and protect your property whilst travelling. In addition, the University has a duty under Health & Safety legislation to assess the safety of any work and travel away from Cambridge. The University Safety Office provides guidance for Travel, Fieldwork and Work Away and the completion of risk assessments for University-related travel.

In case of an emergency during overseas travel, please see Making a Claim


Further University guidance can be obtained as follows:

On the main University Insurance Section website Travel Insurance page.



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